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The Players of the Zodiac-CANCER 

If you were born between June 21 and July 22

Cancer~Susan Seddon Boulet

Emily King-MOON

• You are a Cancer Ruled by The Moon

• Your astrological symbol is The Crab

• Cancer is a water sign

• Your magical birth stone is the Pearl which changes bad fortune into good and discord into harmony.

• Your flowers are Larkspur and Acanthus

• Countries: Scotland, Holland, and New Zealand

• Parts of the body ruled by Cancer - The breasts and stomach

• You are Sensitive

I FEEL Cancer energy is about intuitively sailing the seas of human emotions. It loves being sensitive to subjective feelings; its favorite mode of expression is to be tender and nurturing. For this reason, Cancer assigns itself the role of arbiter of the best way to care for everybody. Unchecked Cancer energy has a tendency to take the nurturing way too far. It can wind up being controlling and smothering. Cancer teaches you the value of being in touch with your feelings and shows how important emotions are in order to have a full life.

The Water Clan

You are the protector and defender of the family. Compassionate, nurturing and strong. You can be so funny! Money and food can actually seduce you. Even though you are sentimental one moment, the next you can be cranky, then the next minute, shy!

You are not always easy to understand dear Cancer. You may appear kind, gentle, sympathetic one minute. You are, yet if someone asks you a question or wants a sympathetic ear, you can become almost frustrated. You are ruled by the moon! Emotions, you are definitely emotional. At times, it can be difficult for you. Understanding how you feel from one minute to the next. Honoring yourself is so important. How can anyone else know how you will be feeling, if you aren't always sure? You are such a gem, a gift underneath the tough exterior. Anyone who is fortunate to be let into your carefully determined circle, is blessed by your protectiveness. Cancer, you are not going to let anyone get away with being cruel or mean to you, anyone you love, or any one else! You are the protector.

You can be misunderstood at times. You are so strong and capable of such deep feelings, people may underestimate your strengths. You actually have an instinct to what people want and are able to tune into them. You can be and usually are successful in anything you choose to do. You are a person who, with all of your sensitivity, rule the roost! Although you do it in a way that is non threatening or pushy. Yet, you are the boss! Some people may be surprised, you may wonder, why?

You know your hidden strengths! You will make it through life with confidence, courage and determination. We all need to remember, there is a soft, kind, loving being underneath. But first, one must penetrate the shell!! You Cancer will always be a special piece of the cosmos. Now, maybe you can teach some of the less sensitive members of the other clans how to have it all!

***Some famous Cancerians***

Lana Del Ray 6/21,  Jason Mraz- 6/23,  

6/25~Linda Cardellini        Vincent D'Onofrio~6/30

Princess Diana- 7/ 1        Pamela Anderson 7/1 

Lindsay Lohan~7/2          Tom Cruise~7/3

Sylvester Stallone- 7/6,  Emily King- 7/10

Phoebe Cates- 7/16,        Robin Williams-7/ 21

We love you Cancer!


Hello Cancer dears we just so appreciate the MOON~children of the Zodiac.. one of the Muses:)

Are you ready....?


Email Shari Nicole... and let's have some fun!! New stargazers are always welcome>>always...... east coast..north /south.. west coast... Hello? We love you all. Smooches!

And the Wise Ones pray every morning immediately after rising,"Heavenly Father, may I during this day and until I again close my eyes in sleep, not be made the instrument of JUDGEMENT against any brother or sister of mine."

quote from...The hidden Treasures of the Ancient Qabalah by Elias Gewurz

God used the stars as an illustration of His promise to give Abraham an innumerable seed (Genesis 15:5). Thus, every time Abraham looked up at the night sky, he had a reminder of God’s faithfulness and goodness. The final judgment of the earth will be accompanied by astronomical events relating to the stars (Isaiah 13:9-10; Joel 3:15; Matthew 26:29).

“And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. (Luke 11:9-10)

- Jesus Christ

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