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As we continue on this journey called life, some of us will cross paths, whether physically or via computer! If you are here reading these words right now, our path has just crossed. Although we have not met in person,( or have we?) we are still connecting on another level. A shedding of the old and rebuilding of the new is in process. Continuing with these shifts, challenges are guaranteed along the way. Staying focused in love and releasing the fear is needed. To be open minded and heart centered might just be the key. May we always be like children, open to adventure and fun and remember that we are humans being. Being what? Doing? Doing what? Only you can answer these questions.

Here at Intuitive Decor8 we are in the process of re~decor8ing our lives too.

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your journey!

What is the meaning of life? To Live?! Have you searched and struggled with the question, WHY? Most of us continue to ask questions. We may not all agree on who or what God is. At times it might feel as if we are going in an endless figure 8. Infinity.

There is a universe of knowledge here for us if we ask and look within. We go through phases in our lives when we are on the pathway to self discovery. It is the process of open mindedness that allows us to either discover or rediscover that there is an Infinite One. When we search, we find, when we question, we receive answers. Using discernment in the answers we receive, is a major key. There is no other human that can find the answers for us. We are all here to remind each other on the journey. Accepting ourselves where we are on the path brings the knowing that we are exactly where we need to be right here and right now.

Are you daring, original, enthusiastic? Do you tend to be impatient with sensitive people? (Fire)

Are you practical, focused, self-sufficient? Do people who are "lively" minded, or never stop talking drive you nuts? (Earth)

Are you expressive, social, adaptable? Do emotions or emotional people exhaust you? (Air)

Are you emotional, moody, intuitive? Do people who are loud and thoughtless make you cringe? (Water)

We are all every sign of the zodiac, and usually one of the four elements will dominate in your chart. Your Sun sign is not always the most important part of your chart, just the most well known. The signs, planets and houses all have a specific energy, so whether your sun, moon, ascendant etc. is in a specific sign, by reading that sign you will understand the flavor of the sign itself. Let's say Mercury is in Cancer, the way you think will be in a Cancerian way. SO, read all about the sign of Cancer to understand the way you think. If your Moon is in Leo, by reading all about Leo you will understand the way you feel and your emotional makeup. The houses in an astrological chart make up the different arenas of life. Let's say you have many planets in the 5th house. That is the house of creativity, fun, children, romance, etc. Leo and the Sun naturally rule that house. Yet, if you have Sagittarius on the 5th house cusp with many planets in the 5th house, that will give a strong Leo flavor to those planets. Astrology is so much fun and practical when you understand the way it can work in your life!

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Astrology came out of two ancient needs: the need to be able to keep track of daily, monthly and yearly timing, and the need to understand the workings of the world. Watching the movements of the sun, moon and stars makes it possible to use the sky as a clock and a calendar. Noting the relationships between the movements of the heavenly bodies with the goings on of people makes it possible to keep track of the energies and of the affairs of people on earth.

In all of human history up until about a hundred years ago, there was no artificial lighting to blot out the stars. When it got dark it was very dark, and there was not much to look at except the stars and moon in the sky. Therefore, people were connected to what the night sky looked like with the movements of the celestial lights, because they had their whole lives to study them, as well as having knowledge of their ancestors. It is important to remember that we 21 st Century people are the ones who are disconnected from the sky because of our modern way of living. We are the unusual ones in human history, to whom simple facts must be explained that are easily observed if one spends time looking at the sky. All civilizations studied the sky, and some things are very apparent:

• The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West every day.

• All the stars rise in the East and set in the West every night.

• The Moon rises in the east and sets in the west, but not every day (It has a monthly cycle that repeats 13 times a year).

• The stars rise, but always stay in the same position relative to each other. For example, The Big Dipper constellation is always in the same place in the sky relative to The Little Dipper and Orion, and they all rise and set as a unit, except for some stars that are not always found in the same position. These were called "wandering stars" which we know are the planets in our solar system. (In astrological parlance, the stars are called the "fixed stars" to differentiate them from planets and other bodies in the sky that revolve around the Sun, and therefore move around Earth.)

• The "wandering stars" or planets are not found in any old place in the sky, but are only found in the same general band going from east to west that the sun occupies during the day, and the moon during the night. So, for instance, you won't find a planet moving through the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, or Orion. But you sometimes do find planets close to the moon.

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• The horoscope represents the psychological make-up of the individual.

• The three major components to astrology are the planets, signs, and houses.

• The planets~(WHO) in each chart represent a part of your humanness that needs to express directly in the world.

 They are WHO, WHAT, and WHY of astrology. Each planet takes care of a different piece of who you are, whom you will be interacting with, what you are likely to be doing, and why you would do it.

• The signs (WHAT) describe the way in which the planet's energy is carried out.

• The houses (WHY) represent the arena of life in which that energy is carried out.

• The SUN/ (our star)-CORE ENERGY; vitality, sense of individuality. The Sun's energy is the energy of the path you're walking in this lifetime. It is the concept of selfhood, the ability to say "I". In the natal chart the Sun represents our vital energy and our basic drive for significance. It is the power to do and be as we establish who we are and take pride in our differences. The Sun rules Leo.

• The MOON/(earth's satellite)-EMOTIONS, HABITS; The subconscious self. The Moon reflects the Sun's energy and therefore reflects how we carry out the Sun's energy on a daily basis. It's your emotions, your habits. It represents female energy, especially your mother. What is your emotional makeup? The Moon rules Cancer. Learn all about the MOON.

• MERCURY/MIND; Communication, intelligence, information given and received. It's your intellect, the way you express what you're thinking, and also what you're likely to be interested in intellectually. Mercury is the master negotiator. Are you a Mercury archetype? A problem solver, thinking creatively, cleverly and cunningly. How will your Mercury work? An effective positive effect of channeling the Mercury force would be success through positive thinking. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.

• VENUS/VALUES; tastes; love; the way in which we interact with others socially and romantically; what our soul wants in life. Venus rules your self-image: Do you see yourself as rich or poor? Beautiful and deserving? Your Venus will influence these thoughts. Venus represents your power of imagination. Imagination is the continual, active, creative, and formative power with people. Venus is the ultimate in beauty of spirit as well as body. She shows tenderness-the female principle, and strength-the male principal, in expressing her love. Venus, also has the ability to be jealous, selfish and vindictive and render a powerful fury. Which side of Venus will you choose? Venus rules Taurus and Libra.

• MARS/ DESIRE; willfulness; initiative; physical energy; drive; what one will fight for. Your sexual interests and desires. Mars works with Venus by going out to get what Venus wants. Mars is the soldier who lines up your personal army of thoughts and feelings which have been created through Venus and marches them off to win what he believes are your chosen goals. Mars also loves the battle for its own sake. Mars is the achiever. Mars depends on Venus to show him how his energies should be spent. Whether Mars is the fighter or the lover depends on what Venus provokes him to do. How will you send your Mars marching? With destructive or constructive energies? Mars rules Aries.

• The Social Planets/ Jupiter and Saturn

JUPITER/GENEROSITY; ENTHUSIASM; expansion, grace, ethics, prosperity, faith, philosophy, freedom, luck. Jupiter shows where you are willing to go out and make your life happen. To understand how Jupiter works in your natal chart it is necessary to take Saturn into consideration. Jupiter frees the soul from the dominance of matter, which represents expansion. Where Jupiter exists in your chart, you will see special opportunities for progress. Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

SATURN/RESPONSIBILITIES; contraction, effort, structure, limitations, order, authority. Saturn represents lessons of responsibility and attitudes toward parental, workplace, and governmental influences. Wherever Saturn appears in your chart, there is a lesson regarding responsibility. It is not the enjoyment of pain that Saturn fosters, but rather the exhilaration of psychological freedom. By sign and house position Saturn denotes those areas of life in which you may feel thwarted in your self-expression. It can also be your greatest teacher. Saturn rules Capricorn.

• The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars symbolize the essential personal factors in any individual's chart. Jupiter and Saturn constitute an intermediary (social) step between the personal planets.

• THE OUTER PLANETS/TRANS-SATURNIAN PLANETS/ URANUS, NEPTUNE AND PLUTO. These planets symbolize forces that constantly prompt change and hopefully promote growth in our consciousness. These three planets are out beyond Earth, their influence is beyond our conscious control. These planets are also generational.

URANUS/INDIVIDUALISTIC FREEDOM; discovered in 1781; surprising change, uniqueness; the breaking of old rules and the shattering of outmoded structures. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Uranus astonishes! In your natal chart, Uranus is the door to freedom. He shows you how to move upward and outward, and how to cast off the shackles of the past. Uranus is the Magician. The house position of Uranus shows where you can potentially experience and use this awakening power. What planet, sign, and house is your Uranus? Uranus rules Aquarius.

NEPTUNE/TRANSCENDENT FREEDOM; discovered in 1846; unification with absolute, freedom from ego-self, illusion, fantasy. The IDEAL or the DELUSION of thinking one is experiencing the ideal. In your natal chart, Neptune's house position and sign are highly sensitized. During the search for answers, you may come to know that you are learning about a higher reality through experiencing disillusionment. A Neptune aspect can then indicate a practical and positive idealization or spiritualization of the factor indicated. Neptune is the mystic! Neptune rules Pisces.

PLUTO/TRANSFORMATION; discovered in 1930; transmutation, elimination, regeneration. The soul's general direction in life. Those things the native came into a body to do and are avoiding doing until forced to do it. In Jeffrey Wolf Green's book, "Pluto, The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul" reveals to us that Pluto correlates to the evolutionary process from a collective and individual point of view. The natal house position describes the arena of life that the native will have challenges in, and the polarity point (its opposite house and sign) describes the arena the native must master in order to overcome these challenges. What did your soul choose as the over all karmic theme to work on in this lifetime? Order an Astrology Reading and discover it. Pluto rules Scorpio.


ARIES/ I AM~ Aries energy is about victoriousness. It represents that part of our life force that is the will to exist. Aries expresses its life force in various ways: belligerence, vitality and an extinct for survival. Unchecked, Aries energy has a tendency to act without thinking. Aries teaches courage and shows us the great results that an assertive attitude achieves. Learn more about ARIES THE RAM.

TAURUS/ I HAVE~Taurus energy is about enjoying life in a physical and sensual way. It prefers tranquility and serenity. It appreciates and seeks to acquire beautiful things to enhance its enjoyment of life. Taurus energy is strongly self determined and resists being pushed around. Taurus can handle but does not like to indulge complex drama. Unchecked, Taurus energy has a tendency to be too stubborn for its own good. Taurus teaches the importance of appreciating what you have. Learn more about TAURUS THE BULL.

GEMINI/ I THINK~ Gemini energy is about charming versatility. It is perceptive, alert and has a witty outlook on life. Gemini loves to play with its intellect and dazzles with its instantaneous responses. It knows that to notice something is to validate it, and so is deliciously aware of the power of its perceptive mind. Unchecked, Gemini energy has a tendency to scatter and stay scattered. Gemini teaches the value of the thirst for knowledge, and the importance of spontaneous mental agility. Learn more about GEMINI THE TWINS.

CANCER/ I FEEL~Cancer energy is about intuitively sailing the seas of human emotions. It loves being sensitive to subjective feelings; it's favorite mode of expression is to be tender and nurturing. For this reason, Cancer assigns itself the role of arbiter of the best ways to care for everybody. Unchecked Cancer energy has a tendency to take the nurturing way too far. It can wind up being in controlling and smothering. Cancer teaches you the value of being in touch with your feelings and shows how important emotion is in order to have a full life. Learn more about CANCER.

LEO/ I WILL~Leo energy is about bringing the inner self out and charismatically connecting with the public. Leo loves joy and considers its mantra to be the pursuit of happiness. It is vividly creative and sometimes its exuberance bubbles over into egoism. Unchecked Leo energy has a tendency to veer off into frivolity or slide into selfishness. Leo teaches how to have fun and the importance of lightening up. Learn more about LEO.

VIRGO/ I ANALYZE~Virgo energy is about bringing into reality the underlying perfection inherent in any concept. Virgo has a romantic desire to sweep away imperfections and bring to life pure expression. Reality often dashes these high ideals, but Virgo soldiers on its quest. Unchecked, Virgo energy has a tendency to be nit-picky and unnutterably attentive to details. Virgo teaches the importance of competence. Learn more about VIRGO.

LIBRA/ I BALANCE~Libra energy is about comprehending and relating to the existence of consciousness in others. It loves to immerse itself in relationships. Libra is interested in mediation to see if it can have a harmonizing effect on the cacaphony of dissonant voices. Libras need to be pre-eminent above the rabble and achieve looking good by sidestepping possible culpability. Unchecked, Libra energy has a tendency to be manipulative and can avoid responsibility for decision-making. Libra teaches people how to get along. Learn more about LIBRA.

SCORPIO/ I DESIRE~Scorpio energy is about power: where it is and how to get it. It understands the real source of power on this earth is rooted in human psychology, so Scorpio energy seeks deep comprehension of psychological issues in order to connect with that force. Scorpio loves secrets and any other hard-to-get information, and is loathe to expose anything personal lest it be used as ammunition against it. Scorpio energy tends to be wonderfully interesting and intelligent. Unchecked, Scorpio energy has a tendency to wallow in paranoia. Scorpio teaches how to go to the depth of the secret-ness of human nature and bring it out to the world with love. Learn more about SCORPIO .

SAGITTARIUS/ I SEE~ Sagittarius energy is about adventure and enthusiasm. It is philosophical in nature and loves to make sense out of disparate details. Sagittarius energy craves new and exotic experiences to feed its hunger for universal concepts it can assimilate into its quest for meaning. Unchecked, Sagittarius energy tends toward over-enthusiasm to the point of recklessness. Sagittarius teaches the value of enthusiastically venturing beyond safe complacency. Learn more about SAGITTARIUS

CAPRICORN/ I USE~ Capricorn energy is about the organization of community. It is hierarchical in nature and concerned with the smooth functioning of society. Capricorn energy seeks to take emotional, unpredictable human behavior and put it to work to make something productive. It tends to be nurturing in an authorative no-nonsense way. Unchecked, Capricorn energy has a tendency to be emotionally repressive in the service of its industry. Capricorn teaches the value of creating safe, loving structure for unruly human nature. Learn more about CAPRICORN.

AQUARIUS/ I KNOW~ Aquarius energy is about the appreciation of abstract universal possibilities. It loves to think outside the box, and look for ways to dismantle old rules. Aquarius has a deep sense of social justice, but because it tends to be logical and detached, it has difficulty identifying issues that are meaningful to people's lives. Nevertheless, when Aquarius gets it right, it is a wonderful advocate of societal change and progress. Unchecked, Aquarius energy can stand on a soapbox and scream about totally irrelevant issues. Aquarius teaches the value of having a future-minded and upbeat attitude. Learn more about AQUARIUS.

PISCES/ I BELIEVE~Pisces energy is about the relationship between the physical and the ethereal. Its attention hovers near the veil of spirit and travels easily between consciousness and the intangible realm of the soul. Pisces uses psychic receptiveness in order to experience the wholeness of being a spirit in a physical body. It loves the undercurrents of human emotions, but it can all too easily be swept away. Unchecked, Pisces energy has a tendency to wallow in self-pity if it takes on too much emotional baggage. Pisces teaches compassion and the value of looking beyond physical reality. Learn more about PISCES.


The Horoscope represents the psychological make-up of the individual. The planets depict areas of the psyche of the individual, the signs depict how that individual will express the energy of the planets, and the houses depict the arena of life in which that energy is carried out.

Arena Of Life that the house represents and expresses through

HOUSE 1~ THE SELF; FORCE (of personality and all new beginnings), the act of establishing an identity. The first house describes physical appearance.

HOUSE 2~ SECURITY, values, self-worth, financial matters, material goods.

HOUSE 3~ THE MIND; communication, information, going out,(speaking or teaching) information coming in (listening). The third house describes brothers and sisters.

HOUSE 4~ HOME; roots, family, that which describes your core being (especially the part that was developed in childhood), mother and other female influences.

HOUSE 5~ CREATIVITY; heart, love, children, theater, entertainment and thrills, love affairs.

HOUSE 6~ SERVICE to society, WORK (and related issues including employers), HEALTH, illness, (and related issues,) especially the day to day details of getting things done.

HOUSE 7~ PARTNERS OF ALL KINDS, especially marriage + business. The house describes how you relate to the public and your relationships.

HOUSE 8~ BIRTH, DEATH, REGENERATION AND SEX. This is the house of transformation and intensity. Business and family resources. Deep interest in psychological searching.

HOUSE 9~ EDUCATION, STUDIES and LEARNING, especially of a more spiritual nature. PHILOSOPHICAL thought systems, long journeys, freedom, travel, foreign people and places.

HOUSE 10~ CAREER, STANDING in the COMMUNITY, father and other male influences, achievement and recognition.

HOUSE 11~ FRIENDS< GROUPS< HUMANITARIANISM< Objectives that carry you into the future. Hopes and wishes; ability to use success well.

HOUSE 12~ SUBCONSCIOUS< and hidden things. Dreams, institutions, that which needs to be transcended. The house of karma and dharma.

Have you thought about How you decor8 your life?

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And the Wise Ones pray every morning immediately after rising,"Heavenly Father, may I during this day and until I again close my eyes in sleep, not be made the instrument of JUDGEMENT against any brother or sister of mine."

quote from...The hidden Treasures of the Ancient Qabalah by Elias Gewurz

God used the stars as an illustration of His promise to give Abraham an innumerable seed (Genesis 15:5). Thus, every time Abraham looked up at the night sky, he had a reminder of God’s faithfulness and goodness. The final judgment of the earth will be accompanied by astronomical events relating to the stars (Isaiah 13:9-10; Joel 3:15; Matthew 26:29).

“And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. (Luke 11:9-10)

- Jesus Christ

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