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THE DREAM Music by Queensryche- Silent Lucidity

I wake up with the sun, I gaze upon its light

The mountains smile for me, oh, what a lovely sight!

Majestic is their beauty, wonder fills my heart

Colored clouds disperse, again, we are apart

I walk down to the ocean, I look upon the waves

Looking in the distance, I wonder as I gaze

My heart is filled with knowing, my eyes fill with tears

Dolphins playful attitude, erases earthly fears

Remembering a time of innocence, I walk along the shore

An angel above me watching, this angel I adore

Familiar is this feeling, although my eyes don't see

I've always felt their presence forever protecting me

Longing for a time, when we will reunite

Some days I feel so far from home, you come to me at night

I hear the fluttering of wings, you wrap me in your being

Your wings I know without a doubt, I know I am not dreaming

Wait a minute, could it be, I gaze out at the sky

Hearing a voice in the distance, awaiting my reply?

This voice is love, filled with light, speaking to my soul

"Remember why you came here child, in your heart you know"

Remembering a distant dream I had when I was young

Out of body, somewhere else, the journey has begun

Surrounding me, are different beings, embracing me, I cry

I do not want to go to earth! Yes, that was my reply

"You have a mission, you have a purpose, others wait for you

Earth needs more light upon her now, distress calls have come through

There is a secret I must share, something you don't remember

You had to go in a disguise, you had to choose a gender"

"We had council with the wise ones, concerned for your protection

Assuring us without a doubt, ensuring our connection

They said at times you will forget just where you really came from

The pain of life will wear you down, you'll feel you can't go on"

"Just remember this my child as you gaze upon the stars

When life seems so unbearable, we are never far

Stop to listen with your heart, your gift is your intuition"

Remembering as you start to cry, you can't forget your mission

Anger builds, doubt brings fear, it's easier to deny

What's so special about me? Nothing! as you cry

"This game of life will bring to you all that you will need

Both good and bad, it matters not, we know you will succeed"

"In spite of all the trials, though you will break the rules

After all you will experience, you may feel like a fool

Just remember through it all, as you begin to see

You've chosen these experiences, so you can finally be free"

"We wish that you could see yourself, as all of us see you

You've already come so far, with so much more to do

Though others may try to bring you down, see the reasons why

Because they do not understand, no need for your reply"

"Your life is just as it should be, perfect for this time

Realize the key is love, there's so much in your life

Out of the dark, into the light, experience you know

Is what the earth is all about, it is a place to grow"

I wake up with the sun, I gaze upon its light

The mountains smile for me, oh what a lovely sight!

Majestic is their beauty, wonder fills my heart

Colored clouds disperse, again, we are apart.

The Dream~Shari Nicole~ Creatively Conceived July 99'


Remember that you're beautiful

That beauty lies within

The eyes that look upon you

Can they see beyond the skin?

Your face is so angelic

Your smile so innocent

Eyes that answer questions

The answer's heaven sent

The power is in the illusion

The illusion sometimes wins

Look closely upon each other

As the battle rages within

Listen with your senses

Not only with your ears

There are many hidden messages

Can you see beyond your fears?

As you gaze upon the image

Mirror reflects back at you

Do you feel for the being

Who's looking back at you?

Does the image make you smile?

Do you want to look away?

Can you look upon the face with love?

Can you see through all its pain?

The vessel designed to house your soul

Is a blessing not a curse

You chose this vessel for this journey

For better or for worst

The physical being needs your love

Give kindness every day

Show it what it means to you

Its light will guide the way

Many blessings everyday

Are given to us all

No one is less special

Each one can hear the call

Open up your hearts my friends

Love and hope to one another

Be the light, the love, the hope

Be there for each other

Remember that you're beautiful

That beauty lies within

The eyes that look upon you

Can they see beyond the skin?

Shari Nicole 2002


When moonlight casts its shadows

I will be there

When mountains reveal their memories

I will be there

When the sun shares its truth

I will be there

When shadows darkness sees light

I will be there

When stars again offer their knowledge

I will be there

When love calms the raging sea

I will be there

When creatures suffer no more

I will be there

When man truly awakens

I will be there

~~~Shari Nicole~~~


Do you believe in my love

do you believe in me

Do you believe in miracles

did Jesus cross the sea

Do flowers, plants and trees

sense who we really are

Do animals who roam the earth

come from some distant star

Do angels take a human form

here upon our mother

Will humans realize to late

we must respect each other

Without the dark can there be light

these questions we do ask

Can there be good without the bad

will we remove our mask

When the mask has been removed

how will you see your face

Will the eyes you gaze into

remind you of someplace

This other place this other face

who is this stranger here

The frown at once turns to a smile

it all becomes so clear

I remember you, my love

my how you've been busy

The years so many flying by

at times making you dizzy

If every night I had one wish

do you know what it would be

For you to kiss my forehead

while whispering sweet dreams

~~~Shari Nicole~~~


Toxic love is joyless

toxic love is unsympathetic

no compassion for the one

you say you truly love

continuing this toxic love

brings distress and loss

you may think the one you truly love

will continue to endure this

toxic love

one day you wake up

you think your life is perfect

your life

she is gone...

~~~Shari Nicole~~~


Please don't yell

Please don't scream

Show respect for you and me

You may be big

I may be small

Please just love me that is all

It hurts my feelings

It hurts my heart

I feel so sad when we're apart

You may think

I won't remember

Just know I will so please be tender

Magic ruled

Life was fun

Now my dreams have just begun

Let me dream

Let me play

Love me every single day

Pray for me

Teach me love

God sent me to bring you love

I am an angel

I am a guide

Here to teach you how to fly

Treat me kind

Love my soul

Do your part play your roll

I bring blessings

I bring light

Look at me my aura's white

Perfected soul

Can you not see

Open your heart I'll set you free

~~~Shari Nicole~~~

Grandmother Moon

Your face luminescent and round

Beauty beyond what the eyes can see

Gaze upon us with your lovely being

How you stir the magic in my soul

Ancient memories that once were my own

How is it that you continue to remind us

always to follow our heart?

The life path we are on is but a flash in time

Bewilder not at the reasons for anothers demise

Ponder the wonder of it all

Blessed is the one who never has to question

The stillness flows into my being

Lives parallel to each other

Dreams entangled in the web of tomorrow

today, yesterday

All in the same 

Hello there! Are you a poet? We thank you for being here! May you find your inner poet!

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And the Wise Ones pray every morning immediately after rising,"Heavenly Father, may I during this day and until I again close my eyes in sleep, not be made the instrument of JUDGEMENT against any brother or sister of mine."

quote from...The hidden Treasures of the Ancient Qabalah by Elias Gewurz

God used the stars as an illustration of His promise to give Abraham an innumerable seed (Genesis 15:5). Thus, every time Abraham looked up at the night sky, he had a reminder of God’s faithfulness and goodness. The final judgment of the earth will be accompanied by astronomical events relating to the stars (Isaiah 13:9-10; Joel 3:15; Matthew 26:29).

“And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. (Luke 11:9-10)

- Jesus Christ

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