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The Players of the Zodiac-SCORPIO 

If you were born between October 23- November 21

Scorpio~Susan Seddon Boulet

Katy Perry~ Firework

•You are a Scorpio-Ruled by Pluto

•Your astrological symbol-The Scorpion (also the Eagle or Phoenix)

•Scorpio is a water sign

• Your magical birthstone Topaz- Releases occult powers and brings serenity of mind. It also protects from enemies and illness.

• Your flowers- Chrysanthemum and Rhododendron

• Countries-Norway, Algeria, Morocco,Tahiti

• Part of the body ruled by Scorpio- the genitals

• Special colors- Crimson, Burgundy, Moroon

•You are Intense

I DESIRE -Scorpio energy is about power: Raw power. Where it is and how to get it. Scorpio understands that the real source of power on this earth is rooted in human psychology, so Scorpio energy seeks deep comprehension of psychological issues in order to connect with that force. Scorpio loves secrets and any other hard-to-get information, and is loathe to expose anything personal lest it be used as ammunition against it. Scorpio energy tends to be wonderfully interesting, intelligent, and exciting. Unchecked Scorpio energy has the tendency to wallow in paranoia. So stay in check Mr. and Ms. Scorpio. Scorpio teaches how to go to the depth of the secretness of human nature and bring it into the world with love. Always in love.

The Water Clan

Scorpio, some people may not understand or realize the depths within you. You can be sure they will, once they take the time to get to know you. There seems to be this powerful pull one may feel towards you. Yet, they can't quite put their finger on it! Yes, Scorpio you are definitely powerful, sexy, magnetic, kind, yet there is a turbulence underneath that can be confusing. You are seeking to give your life something meaningful, always searching for the deepest purpose. The hidden meaning in everything. You ask the questions, most others signs would never think or dare to ask.You also realize in your early years, there are also answers to some of those questions! Whether or not you choose to share those answers is completely up to you!

You are always deeply loyal to family and friends, yet can be intensely jealous and possessive. Scorpio, your passions run so deep, and you have a never ending wealth of knowledge to offer. You will always remember and repay a kindness, yet will never forget or forgive an injury or insult. You can be the greatest ally or the most formidable enemy, actually a very dangerous one! With you Scorpio, it is all or nothing. There is a fierceness within you that you are able to hide from others. You seem to have a secret knowing when it comes to others. You are able to intuit their strengths and most definitely their weaknesses. It is impossible for another to hide these things from you. It is almost as if you have the mind of a computer. Able to store the information away for a time when you will need it. Hopefully it will be used for the higher good for all, not for vengeance dear Scorpio. Peering into one's soul may make others uncomfortable. Not that you truly care. It's just how you work! You do realize, not everyone was gifted with the ability to penetrate into hidden and secrets of human nature? Yes, I believe you do know that. Remember, you have the ability to be a loving and giving being, for the betterment of humankind. Share the depths of your wisdom with others, you have so much to offer this world!

We love you Scorpio!

***Famous Scorpios***

Katy Perry-10/25 Julia Roberts 10/28

Anthony Kiedis- 11/1, Ralph Macchio- 11/4

Matthew McConaughey- 11/4, Maria Shriver-11/6

Lisa Bonet- 11/16, Owen Wilson- 11/18

Larry King- 11/19, Goldie Hawn-11/21 



Hello SCORPIO Pluto Water in the Sun and it's your month to be the Scorpio, Eagle, and or The Phoenix:)

Are you ready....?

Email Shari Nicole... and let's have some fun!! New Stargazers always welcome>always...... east coast..north /south.. west coast... Hello? We love you all. Smooches!

And the Wise Ones pray every morning immediately after rising,"Heavenly Father, may I during this day and until I again close my eyes in sleep, not be made the instrument of JUDGEMENT against any brother or sister of mine."

quote from...The hidden Treasures of the Ancient Qabalah by Elias Gewurz

God used the stars as an illustration of His promise to give Abraham an innumerable seed (Genesis 15:5). Thus, every time Abraham looked up at the night sky, he had a reminder of God’s faithfulness and goodness. The final judgment of the earth will be accompanied by astronomical events relating to the stars (Isaiah 13:9-10; Joel 3:15; Matthew 26:29).

“And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. (Luke 11:9-10)

- Jesus Christ

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